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Lefevre attended Centennial Academy, a private high school, and later studied creative arts at Dawson College.

She studied theater for two summers at the Walnut Hill School in Natick, Massachusetts, and began a degree in education and literature at Mc Gill University.

Lefevre described the essence of her character as "pure evil, pure instinct, pure malice, and very feline".

Halloween Party at the Los Angeles Center Studios on Oct. Plenty of his fellow reality stars turned out for the Karma International-produced soiree, where they sipped on Provincial Vodka, Tsingtao beer and Morning Recovery.

Lefevre (pronounced /ləˈfɛv/) was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Let's address the alien in the room: The X-Files season 11 premiere was rough.

In "My Struggle III," a theme that the series is desperately trying to get fans to love, Scully and Mulder tackled (or should I say, stumbled through) the impending alien DNA invasion arc, which ended in the pair's convenient decision to wait for their son William to find them rather than the other way around."I always knew I'd be a performer, after falling in love with Madonna and dancing around the house to her songs, I found out early that I couldn't sing, however." "For me letting someone go through my...

Lefevre was at times overwhelmed by the scrutiny she received from her involvement with Twilight.