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Renowned producer Fantan from Chill Spot Records in Mbare said though Mesiyas was a thief, the Mbare community respected him since he didn't steal from his own.

"He was a thief and that is not a secret, our studio at Chillspot is at Matarererini Flats in M bare and that is where he used to stay but there is no day that he stole anything from us.

• ELEPHANT MAN'S CELL PHONE Brandon went on to claim that Mesiyas at one time stole Jamaican artiste Elephant man's cell phone when he came into the country.

"If you remember some few years back, when Elephant Man came into the country, there were reports that his cellphone was stolen.

Mbare residents say Mesiyas was in the same league with the late thief Borris who died near Zindoga Shopping Centre in a speed chase with police.