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The rest of the rocks composing the shoals are mostly Tortonian limestones–sandstones, as revealed by their fossil content.

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One of these submerged features – the Pantelleria Vecchia Bank – located 60 km south of Sicily, has been extensively surveyed using geophysical and geological methods.

It is composed of two main shoals, connected seaward by a rectilinear ridge which encloses an embayment.

This catalog contains the works of five students that started drawing and painting in the art classes of Laura Grosso in order to favour and drive the expressive need that each of us has.

I will not go into details about the pictorial quality of these works as it is not my duty, but I would like to take this opportunity to ask myself some questions about the profound reason that makes us so eager to represent the world.

Questo catalogo raccoglie le opere di cinque allievi di Laura Grosso, da lei avviati al disegno e alla pittura per assecondare e guidare un'esigenza espressiva che appartiene a ciascuno di noi.