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Callard Harris Born 16th May Actor/Writer/Director Callard was born in Michigan and guest starred in many shows we're all familiar with including The Mentalist ep, A Price Above Rubies, CSI: Miami, the short lived comedy Glory Daze about US college students, almost sure Daze is meant to rhyme with haze (as in hazing).

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He's multi-tasking and multi talented cos he can do drama, seriously menacing rage and even comedy too.

A shame we don't get to see him in as much as we should!

Take the above, he wore that in Dallas, clearly showing Tommy was not into his cowboy hats/stetsons. Tommy complained of "people in Dallas being way too friendly.

It tries my nerves." Words to die by me thinks since he didn't really get out of Dallas after Rebecca was through with him. In The Originals Thierry has also taken to wearing hats now and then, must be something in the air. Also his film appearances have been few and far between but also worthy of watching.

He played Santa albeit he was suffering from amnesia in The Real St Nick, which just made him even more cute and adorable.